The top 5 most unattractive things in a home on sale

There are millions of homes on sale all across the world and I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of homes to be able to compile a list of some of the features potential buyers find the most unattractive in any home. Get rid of these and you will instantly raise chances on selling your home fast and for a good price with We Buy Any House.

  1. Mixing up old charm with a hoarder’s home - Old style rooms with suitable furniture look charming but not when a room is totally stuffed with furniture and knick-knacks all around. This is literally the situation where one cannot even see the room because of all the furniture which makes even walking in the room extremely hard. Tone down on having all outside and if a room is clearly over packed it’s best to pack out at least half of the furniture items and just leave a few key pieces in.

  2. Unpleasant odour - This is not that much talked about but unpleasant odour is one of the main characteristics which are instantly off putting, when it comes to visiting a home. When it comes to homes which had the same owner for decades it also means tons of dust which is not just on the floor: but in the upholstery, on the glass, on all surfaces including the curtains. This is why it’s so important to make sure everything is spick and span by the time visitors would start coming over, old curtains are all washed, all windows and surfaces are perfectly clean. It’s also so important to let the fresh air in any room from time to time. In addition, more and more people have developed an allergy to dust and you do not want them to have an extreme allergic reaction upon arriving in your home. If the walls cannot be properly cleaned, make sure to keep air fresheners of possibly citrus or some other refreshing scents in order for visitors to leave with a good impression.

  3. A clearly run-down interior - When you arrive in a home and you can instantly see and feel everything is badly run down and unkempt. Our tip is to make sure everything is as clear as possible, even if you do not have the means to do a slight renovation of the walls, doors and all the frames. Let’s add, you won’t need to do all that much more. Some people specifically look for slightly ran down homes because they want to wholly renovate them and restructure them to their own taste.

  4. Too many personal things around - It is off putting for clients to see so many personal things lying around. As per psychology, if a home for sale is still stuck with personal photos, this reflects a sort of a subconscious resistance meaning that the owner is in real not happy or not all that willing to sell his or her home. Visitors would sense this and decide not to want to buy such an apartment.

  5. Old style brown kitchen furniture - No, we don’t think of any of those charming old kitchen furniture which is so „in” these years but the awful Seventies-Eighties wooden furniture which simply looks awful. There is no more explanation needed, it’s pretty sure everyone knows that particular style. This should be completely removed and if that’s not possible, at least paint it white to tone it down as much as possible.